Helicopters and more

144Mhz OoooPs,,,

Reeling from the success with the DK7 beam I set that up for the UKAC on Tuesday.

Also for the first time the K3S and the transverter. I have previously used the transverter with the KX3 bit was keen to see how the K3S performed. But it was not to be. Being power pole mad I have all the gear set up to be plugged into power poles but what I had failed to cater for was failing memory and plugged the transverter into the 24v supply for the rotator (makes it go faster)

Smoke and game over for transverting.

Luckily I had the 991 in the car so ran that on 40W. Conditions were brilliant and you will remember I keep saying that MP is no good to the east, well on Tuesday it was. Brilliant evening with 800,000 ish points.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 09.15.39

When I got back i took the transverter apart and it seems that there is a capacitor and resistor across the power inputs to deal with reverse polarity. Richard at MLS is getting a replacement capacitor and we will see is anything else is broke. Fingers crossed.

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