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BBRC do JOTA 2015

17&18 October 2015


Jamboree on the Air - where we try to get loads of young people on the radio for the first time and this is a worldwide event.

We will be putting on few stations to try to make the most of the terrible propagation we have had over the last couple of months. Let us hope that the sun gets it’s act together by then.

Hopefully we will have a 6-20m HF setup with the HexBeam, a 40-80 with the inverted “V”’s and a VHF/UHF station with the GØKSC LFA Yagi’s.

So if you can be on the air to give us a shout GB4 MTE is the special call sign we would love to hear from you.17&18 October

Thanks to ML&S for providing us with Log Books for the event. Much appreciated chaps.
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