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Car Mast carriage

It’s been a long job but once the bolts for the roof rack arrive it can be tested.


Here is the principle mocked up in wood.


I looked at getting the mountain plate for the bottom and the top mount from TMS and Clark. TMS don’t do them and Clark were going to cost more than the mast.
So I turned up the top one in walnut. You are not relying on the wood to hold it all together there are some stainless rods for that


The rest is welded up in stainless 25mm box sections with some 30x30 angle for the sliding rail things.

Not doing much welding it amazes me how much to all moves when you weld it. Hence the sliding bit, at the moment, is not sliding as well as it might.



Now to find some stabilisers to stop the car rocking from side to side
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