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Scores on the Doors

The scores are in for the 2015 UKAC 2m and 70cms legs.

2M is the most popular of the UKAC contests and BBRC did well to come 29th overall out of 117 clubs. Our pals at Bracknel came 21st so there could be some synergy there in working together with them.

I have just got going properly on 2m now from Stokenchurch and managed 13th out of 157 for the last night of the year, which I am pretty pleased with. Not to say it can’t be improved upon when i get the 9 ele working properly.

The 70cms is very new to me and we don’t have many in the club entering on this band now that Chis has hung up his contesting boots. But with his fantastic scores earlier in the year we came 40th from 86 with only half of the contests entered. I managed 11th on the December one so there is a good chance that we can improve on the overall position next year. It’s a great band as the antennas can be compact and easily erected for the two and a half hour long evening entertainment. There is no reason that a foray out with a colinear would not reap decent results. We enter in the restricted category which is 50w max and a single antenna but there are 10W categories which seem to do just as well and in which we are not represented, if any M6 operators wanted to have a go.

So the overall results , that combine all the contests, are not out yet but we are sitting 31st club out of 132. Given that many of these “cubs” are contest groups with many more participants that is not bad at all.

The new year will be here soon with the first 2M on the 4th January so inspect those stockings to see if santa has brought you a 2m aerial that you need to try out.

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