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Mt Athos

I thought I would admit to how green I am when it comes to this radio lark.

I have a pretty good programme on the Mac which tells me when a spot comes up in a DX entity that I have not “got”. And it popped up the other day for a place called Mount Athos.

Anyway I tuned in and there was a great shouting mass of you know who piling up the pile ups. Luckily Monk Apollo, he who operates there, decided to work split frequencies and before the mob could get their radios in the right place I managed to bag him.

I didn’t think any more of it until I mentioned to someone who told me it was very sough after, So sought after, in fact, that he turned around from his shopping trip to go on the hunt.

Funny all this beginners luck….but mind you with this Greek business maybe I won’t get my QSL after all.

athos antenna

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