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HyEndfed multi band

I had the HyEndfed wire left over from past installations and now Martin finished using it I thought I would string it up as a fall back if the beam can’t be up.

So using my patented pole and lead weight method I got the feeder end up one tree and then using the fishing rod and lead weight method cast the other end over another tree, When it is up it is invisible so there was no point in trying to photograph it. It us at around 12m AGL.

It is resonant on 10, 15, 20 & 4o plus a bit on 80. At a push.

It is a bit noisier than the beam but not a bad performer.

Here is the StepIr, Up


and here is the end fed.


The antenna CCTV got a makeover again with a replacement dome camera - which I guarantee will start misting up soon. Anyway the picture is great to start with. If it mists up we might need to put a heater in to it.


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