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Ok so we have got the beam down again and the balun off

hex - 1 (2)

Chickens mind your heads!
hex - 2 (2)

Thats the balun which I have taken off and put the beam back up. And a check on the meter with the balun shows no resonance and a short.

hex - 10 (1)

See the comparison without the balun below.

The fix was super simple. I thought I was going to have to take it all apart but it was just a strand of the centre core touching in the PL259 .

hex - 11 (1)

I have pushed it back and bingo we are in business. I will check again and it might be sensible to re do the connector but there is little movement in it as it is fixed to the centre post.

Here is the overall plot without the balun for these readings

hex - 9 (1)

and if we look at the individual plots you will see they are spot on

hex - 3 (1)
hex - 4 (1)
hex - 5 (1)
hex - 6 (1)
hex - 7 (1)
hex - 8 (1)

So there you are a quick fix and we are ready to take it down (again) and put the balun back on for a test. Although the impedance looks pretty fine to me without any help.

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