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A delta loop for 40m

I have never had much success on 40m. Outside of the UK anyway. I have been using a trapped multi band dipole and thought that a change might be the way.
I found a plan for a 40m full wave loop which worked with my trees. This has an apex at the top as opposed to at the bottom. Like a pyramid I suppose.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 17.33.06

So instead of the pole I have a tree and I have run the bottom element along the top of the fence with some insulators to hold it about a foot above the top of the fence.


i had a spare balun from the dipole so used that. It is no heavier than an insulator really.


I took off about 1m to get it resonant where I wanted it and by playing with the geometry of the triangle the VSWR comes down to less than 1.5 over the band. Easily matched.

I gave it a go late last night and had 59’s into Europe and Russia with the furthest Algeria. So there is some potential and it is much less noisy than the dipole it replaced.

So if you have a fence with a tree in the middle this might work for you.

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