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This is now moving from a radio blog to a Landrover modding blog I fear.

Two deliveries today. One from Matt Savage which had the air reservoir



I have an ARB compressor in the truck but that doesn’t have enough reserve to pump the mast up. So I am adding 2 gallon Vair tank. That goes under the drivers side.


The pump feeds the tank and I have moved the pressure switch to the tank from the pump.


The tank also has a drain valve and a pressure release valve as well

Here is the pump with the plastic pressure hose going off to the tank


Now the pump is not that great a capacity and takes a couple of minutes to fill the reservoir so we will see tomorrow how it works with the mast.

The tank feeds another outlet, this time regulated, at the rear


Then the steel came for the supports to stop the truck rocking so much.


the idea being that it pins to the tow bar thing and has a couple of bars that go into the jacking points


Its being painted overnight so hopefully tomorrow we can test it all together and decide if another higher volume pump is needed.

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