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SOTA Backpack

I have been working on the backpack for the portable operations seeing as I was getting loads of individual bits to carry it made sense to get it all onto one pack to grab and go.PC060357

I brought, on the Commanders advice, a 5.11 tactical back pack and with Colin's old sewing machine have set about adding bits to carry all the gear. And boy there is a fair bit of it.

To be fair i won't be carrying it all up a mountain the idea is that one gets to base camp and then select what you are going to take for the trip.

Side bags for wire antennas and sandwiches


Two places for Sota Poles or longer antenna bits like the Buddipole rigid whip.


First section is the KX3 section with bags that are held in with velcro so you can rip them out easily. They are fixed to the pack so they stay in place when you walk and when you open the second section of the pack.



The KX3, PX3 and headset plus Piglet wireless node that allows you to connect an iPad to the KX3 to log and use PSK and CW



The radio section then opens up for the power section. Here we either have the KXPA100 and power supply or this can be substituted for battery packs for SOTA ops without the KX3 falling out.


The rip out mesh packs have the Sark meter and cables in.


I am going to try out the KXPA100 with battery power but I am not sure how long the LiPo will last but the good thing is that you can dial the power down to extend battery life.

Now we nee the weather to be able to try it all out.

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